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Original iPod Touch - can't get to unlock screen

  LizBoulton 12:15 21 Feb 2019

Hi. I have a first-generation iPod Touch. It has been working fine. But when I charge it, it has an image of the cable and iTunes - so I think it's telling me to connect it to a computer with my iTunes. However, when I do that, iTunes needs me to unlock the iPod. I know the passcode but can't get past the screen telling me to connect to iTunes in order to unlock it. Not quite sure what to do. The iPod has tonnes of classical music on it so I'm reluctant to reset the whole thing.

  bremner 13:19 21 Feb 2019

Can you unlock it before connecting the cable or are you saying the battery is totally flat?

  LizBoulton 13:36 21 Feb 2019

Hi. Even when it’s unplugged, it’s stuck on the same screen. I can’t seem to upload an image, sorry.

  bremner 15:47 21 Feb 2019

Have you ever backed it up to a computer via iTunes.

  LizBoulton 15:55 22 Feb 2019

Hi Bremner. Apologies for taking a while to get back to you. I have backed it up but not for years. I think that's what it's asking me to do. The battery isn't a problem. The problem is not being able to get past the screen showing a picture of a cable and the iTunes icon. No matter how many times I reset the iPod. Thanks for asking.

  bremner 08:27 23 Feb 2019

I asked about the backup as I have very recently successfully dealt with a friends iTouch with the same issue. The following steps below will resolve the issue but will return the device to factory settings i.e. all the songs will be deleted.

Unless you have a full device backup or the songs saved to the Cloud they will not be recoverable.

  1. Launch iTunes, and then connect your iPod Touch to the computer with the USB data cable.

  2. Press and hold the “Home” key and the “Power” button on the iPod Touch. The screen goes black and the device powers off.

  3. Release the “Power” button while continuing to press the “Home” key. The computer recognizes the iPod Touch as a new device after 10 seconds. The Apple logo displays on the device, and then a blank screen displays. The device is now in DFU mode. A prompt opens in iTunes, asking if you want to restore the device

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