Optimising battery life on 2015 MBP

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I'm switching from PC to Mac and was very disappointed with the battery life of my new MBP. However, i read that I should avoid Chrome and Flash, and use Safari instead... which I'm now testing out. Are there other things I should be doing to optimise battery life?

  • I use gmail - should I just use Safari for this, or the Mail client on the MBP? Presumably, I can use this client with gmail? What about Outlook?

  • All my files are on Google Drive, and I've installed the drive client - will this have an impact on battery life?

  • Is Firefox OK to use or is it as resource hungry as Chrome?

  • I need MS Office for work - are there any battery overheads I should know?

  • I've noticed that if I use Safari or Firefox for TV/Video streaming using either Flash or Silverlight, the battery lasts less than 3 hours. Does this sound about right? Are there alternatives I can use?

  • I have an i7 processor (256 SSD, 8GB RAM). Does the processor have an impact on battery life?

Thanks in advance David

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