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OpenOfficeCalc macro problem

  Tycho 21:14 19 Aug 2009

Some time ago I recorded a little macro to enter some data. I gave it a button which was fixed in position on the sheet. It did not work well so I deleted the macro but the button did not go. It seems permanently glued on the the sheet.

The only way I can get any response relating the the button is if I try to select it as a graphics object. I then get the following error message:

A scripting framework error occurred

while running the Basic script:


Message: The following Basic script

could not be found:
librayr: 'Standard'
module: 'Module1'
method: 'FebMar'
location: 'application'

  Tycho 21:16 19 Aug 2009

Sorry. I forgot to add the question!

How do I get rid of the button?! I am fed up with it.


  TonyV 21:53 19 Aug 2009

Can you right click it so that it becomes selected then press delete to get rid of it?


  Tycho 07:38 20 Aug 2009

I have tried that. No response at all.


  TonyV 11:45 20 Aug 2009

Interesting! I set one up as a trial, and then selected it so that it was outlined with the green squares etc. then deleted it and off it went!! Don't know where to point you now.



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