One off BSOD: one off machine gun noise

  hatrickj 07:17 23 Dec 2008

My Evesham Athlon XP2240+ bought May 2004 gave a BSOD at start up the other day, and then a few days later, what I thought was the hard disk, made a noise like a machine gun rattle. This eventually ceased. Just before that I had made rare use of the floppy drive, but that was empty, so it could not have been that.

Since then there has been no oddity or problem, so should I be concerned?

  hastelloy 08:31 23 Dec 2008

I've heard empty floppy drives make a noise as you describe so it could be that - doesn't explain the BSOD though. If you don't have a backup then you should be concerned.

  ^wave^ 08:44 23 Dec 2008

could be a floppy or did you have a cd loaded i have heard them make noises before try going to the event viewer and looking at what caused the error

  hatrickj 09:07 23 Dec 2008

No CD loaded. Does the fact that the events were days apart make it less likely that it is the harbinger of something more serious?

  xania 12:07 23 Dec 2008

BSOD can be caused by anything and if you can't replicate the problem you'll never be able to find the cause. However, no repetition so I wouldn't worry. That rattle is almost certainly the floppy dosk drive trying to read when there's noting in the drive - could be some sort of virus (or other nasty scanner) having started up automatically. Next time it happens, try insweerting a floppy into the drive - that should stop it. IMHO neither any cause for concern and almost certainly timing coincidence.

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