old white macbook won't load disk)s2: I/O error

  Melanie Carter 19:10 12 May 2017

I wonder if anyone can help me with my sons old laptop? has it had it, or can it be saved!

1) Turns on with its chime but the screen stays white with apple logo & wheel spins continuously. The load bar has no progression at all. 2) BIG PROBLEM - I have no boot disk OR install disks!!! (was given to us by a now sadly departed friend) 3) Another problem - I don't know what the os was! (early one I assume being a white mac book) 4) I have reset with the pram, and also removed battery etc 5) loading it in vebose mode tells me: disk)s2: I/O error 6) i have no repair disk option to use either

So, does anyone know weather I need to buy a new install disk if so which one? Lion? or could I buy a new hard drive? There is nothing on this mac that needs to be keep so not worried about losing anything. Maybe its had it, but it was great little laptop for him, so if it can be fixed for a little bit longer use that would keep him off of mine! lol

Thanks for anyones help in advance!

Mel :-)

  HondaMan 10:49 13 May 2017

The first attempts I would try are: Do you have access to another Mac, friend, family colleague. If so the simplest way would be to create a boot disk on a usb drive and re-install the OS. Alternatively reboot holding down the command and R keys and then follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall the OS

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