Old version of NetUpdate with OSX 10.13.3

  david.zed 08:06 15 Apr 2018

I am running 10.13.3 which has NetUpdate version 10.5.11 which keeps trying to update itself but then fails saying it failed to update some outdated component, is NetUpdate required for OSX

  mgmcc 11:31 15 Apr 2018

No it definitely isn't necessary for macOS 10.13.3, I had never even heard of it. From a Google search:

Intego NetUpdate is a program used by other Intego programs to check for updates to the programs and their support files (virus threat filters, content filters, etc.). NetUpdate is installed when you install any Intego application

  Forum Editor 16:06 15 Apr 2018

Intego is a leading anti-virus application for Macs - do you have it installed? If you do, you'll need NetUpdate.

  david.zed 07:27 16 Apr 2018

Hi, thanks for the replies, as far as I know I do not have any Ontego products installed and I use Norton anti-virus etc so I will just delete it.

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