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Old ipad, forgot appleid password, activation lock

  Sosofofie 18:12 16 Oct 2019

Hi! I have digged out my old ipad and want to start using it again. Unfortunately i have totally forgotten what my password is on the apple id as I created a different apple id for the ipad and my iphones... In addition, I set it back to fabric settings without knowing that it would be locked to the apple id with the activation lock... What do I do ? Some shady internet tips is telling me to download an app that can unlock it, but is not able to do so when the ipad is not activated, and my ipad is unactivated and locked. I have tried to use the security questions, but I don't remember the answers, as they are like 6 years old or something. Also, I have tried to change the password, but it is not possible because the email is an adress which is no actual email. Have anyone had the same problem ? Or know how to unlock it? The ipad is running ios 9 i think. Please! Thank you!

  john bunyan 18:36 16 Oct 2019



  Sosofofie 19:18 16 Oct 2019

Sorry, not working as it is not the passcode thats the problem, but the apple id password. To restore it as the link said, I need the apple id password, which is the whole problem. Thanks anyways

  john bunyan 21:40 16 Oct 2019

Apple makes it difficult to avoid stolen iPads or phones being sold or used. I have a book in a locked cupboard with such passwords- thought I’d lost it.

  Govan1x 11:43 17 Oct 2019

Try iTunes to see if you can sign in there. Most people use the same username on both itunes and apple.

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