OE on two machines?

  Fatboy415 07:30 23 Apr 2005

I have helped a friend install a wireless network in her house as her knees are failing and she is finding it difficult to keep running upstairs to check her e-mails on the desktop.

She has a laptop that she will use when downstairs and use the PC when upstairs.

She helps to run a medical support group so e-mails are flowing constantly and are of an important nature.

I need to set up the two computers so using Outlook Express her e-mails appear on both machines, and then she can reply from whichever machine she is sitting at. Is this possible.

Thank you as ever for all advice given.


  Diodorus Siculus 09:51 23 Apr 2005

Yes, she can but it's not elegant.

Simply set up the mail account on both PCs. Tell OE not to delete the mail from the server on either machine for two days (or any time limit you want).

Then all incoming mail will be available on both.

If she wants a record of outgoing mail on both machines, set the account to BCC herself.

As I say, it's not elegant, but it will work.

Synchronisation of mail is not easy - Thunderbird will do it better if she is interested in changing mail programs.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:55 23 Apr 2005

click here for a similar query.

  wint 10:14 23 Apr 2005

I looked into the same thing a year or two ago. It started to get tricky with suggestions of setting up a mail server. Too complicated for what I want to do, 2/3 PCs on a home network.

If you are happy to have a yahoo or gmail address or you could use a forwarding service such as easily click here to buy a domain name and then forward e-mail using a decent looking address (fred @ fredbloggs . co.uk style) to yahoo or gmail.

Both Yahoo and gmail can be accessed from any PC in the world, never mind same network.

It has become more practical too, the free services have large storage available, Google's gmail is 1Gb and Yahoo is currently 250Mb but increasing to 1Gb next month.


  wint 12:28 27 May 2005

As before plus:

Not sure if it's a new feature but Google's gmail will now forward mail to a POP3 account and also keep the e-mails in the gmail inbox.
My current solution is still not totally elegant but does work.

My e-mail address (hosted by Easily click here ) name @ name . co . uk is sent to my gmail account which is set to keep a copy in the inbox and also forward to my Pipex inbox.

I can keep copies on Outlook and have web access on laptop or at work.

I also now find that gmail's spam filter appears (at 1st anyway) to be more effective than the Spam Killer I was using.

Google gmail now has 2GB on-line storage so this shouldn't be a problem for quite a few years!


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