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odd, unknown Ios backup, unsure if safe to delete

  supperman 11:12 29 Apr 2019

Cleaning out my mac, the larget unneeded item seems to be an Ios backup. Only, I backup on Icloud and it is not detecable anywhere other than when I check/manage my storage. The file has a very long name and doesn't match the name of my phone. When I select 'open in finder' it will not. When I look in my library and Itunes, no record. I would like to delete it but I am afraid I am making a mistake. Help please.

  wee eddie 16:31 29 Apr 2019

To see if it is important, change its name.

Add, for example "old." to the beginning of the name and reconsider in a week. If nothing has gone out of kilter then it is likely to be unimportant.

In terms on back-ups, the only ones of any real interest are the last two or three.

  supperman 17:03 29 Apr 2019

Thanks Wee Eddie but I can not access or find the file anywhere; I can only see it listed when I check the storage under the 'About This Mac' info. There it comes up as a 20 gig folder but does not open when choosen, nor can I find it when searching with Finder or by going through the libraries where an Ios backup should be.

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