Obtaining "MAC" code - Easy process???

  AllZwell 14:24 20 Jun 2006


I wish to swap from Wanadoo/orange/freeserve to "TISCALI".

When I went to tiscali, I was told I had to put in a MAC code(Migration Authorisation Code). would I have to ring Orange/wanadoo up to request one? - and if so, could they "cut me off" if they know I'm going to another ISP?

Tiscali is £14.99 for 2MB unlimited. Orange/wanadoo is £27.99 for the same. I have no other connectiob only BB modem, as the PC is upstairs, so if I get disconected, I won't be able to "connect" to follow my set-up at tiscali!!



  johndrew 14:34 20 Jun 2006

I have no intention of hijacking your post but I`m considering the same move so would appreciate it if all those who post would do so in full, plus if you would post your experience of making the move.

Many thanks.

  AllZwell 14:47 20 Jun 2006

Hi Andrew,

Under article Article ID: kb732 on Orange website, it says:

""""how do I transfer my broadband service to another ISP?
Article ID: kb732

If you'd like to transfer your broadband service to another Internet service provider ***without loss of service*** call our customer support team, to do this go to our contact us page. We'll take you through the process and give you all the necessary information""""


  johndrew 15:20 20 Jun 2006

I agree with you as to what the words say, it is the action that interests me.

Given that when I signed up it was for a 2GB/month download at £17.99/month and the same package is now £14.99/month it would be nice if the caring supplier were to offer it to existing customers as well. Not so far. This is my reason for migrating.

However, I still have a month to go on my agreed 12 month contract and even though Tiscali becons with a far better (apparently) package I must wait a bit - or pay the penalty. It doesn`t stop me from asking others who are able, willing and intend to move from making me aware of their experiences though. This is what I`m looking at for the moment.

  AllZwell 17:31 20 Jun 2006

Well, I've just rung Wanadoo/Orange up, (Action 1 option 4) and asked them for the MAC Code. I was asked for my line number, my mail, and 2nd 5thy letter of password. After about 2 minutes, I was told by the lady I was speaking to whether I would like it by mail or post, I elected mail.

During this time, she asked a few questions as to who you are going to, and what price they do, and speed etc, I told her Tiscali. Finally, she told me the MAC code will be generated within about 48 hours – and that it is to be used within a Month.

They were all very friendly, and will keep you posted



  ened 17:57 20 Jun 2006

Earlier this year I changed from Freeserve to Tiscali.

After telephoning for the code (incidentally it is an 0870number and you are not obliged to answer all those questions) I received it within 24 hours and had a nearly smooth transition to Tiscali. There is a down time whilst they update the exchange but that is meant to be only an hour or so.

I know other forum members have had problems with Tiscali and I am probably tempting fate by saying this, but so far I have had a good service.

I am on unlimited 1MB for £12:99.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:56 20 Jun 2006

Cloning a MAC Address for Your Gateway
This hack can help you avoid an extra charge from the cable company for your broadband service, or at least avoid having to call them with new information. Many broadband ISPs—cable modem ISPs in particular—require that you provide them with the MAC (Media Access Control) address of your network adapter in order for your connection to work. If when you began your broadband service you had a single PC, but you've since installed a gateway at home in order to set up a network and share Internet access among several PCs, you'll have to provide the ISP with your new gateway's MAC address.

Some ISPs might charge you a higher rate for cable access if you're sharing several PCs in this way. (Because of increasing competition among broadband providers, though, this has become far less common than it was previously.) There is a way, however, to use your existing MAC address with your new gateway by cloning the address. To your ISP, it looks as if your MAC address hasn't changed. You might want to do this even if your cable provider doesn't charge extra for several PCs, because it will save you having to call up the cable company's tech support line to provide a new MAC address.

Note that not all gateways have this capability, so yours may not be able to do it. Most Linksys gateways let you do this, so if you have a Linksys, do the following to clone your MAC address. Depending on your model, the exact steps may vary:

1. Find out your current network adapter's MAC address (the MAC address your broadband provider already has) by opening a command prompt, typing ipconfig /all, and looking under the entry for Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection. You'll see an entry like this:
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-08-A1-00-9F-32
That's your MAC address.

2. Log into your administrator's screen for the Linksys router and choose Advanced -> MAC Addr.Clone.

3. Type in the name of the MAC address you've obtained from your network adapter and click Apply. Your gateway will now be recognized by your ISP. Note that you may have to power down and power back up your cable modem in order for the gateway to be recognized.

NOTE: If your ISP requires a MAC address and you don't clone an existing one, you'll have to provide your ISP with your gateway's address. Make sure that you give them the right one. Your gateway typically has two MAC addresses, a LAN MAC address and a WAN MAC address. The LAN address is used only for the internal network, so make sure to provide your ISP with the device's WAN MAC address. If you give the LAN address, you won't be able to access the Internet.

  amonra 19:37 20 Jun 2006


  anskyber 19:52 20 Jun 2006

I have just migrated from Wanadoo to Zen. It was pain free, I rang Wanadoo and in 24 hours they e-mailed the MAC code. Zen did the rest. If you do not use the Code then it expires after 1 month, but your services will continue to the changeover day provided you make it clear you are not, yes not cancelling the service. The cancellation will take effect once you have actually migrated to the new ISP.

  AllZwell 16:54 03 Jul 2006

I was connected to Tiscali today, and the whole process went without a hitch at all. Had a mail from tiscali today, but I used my initiative last night, when Orange/Wanadoo wouldn't connect. So I put in my tiscali mail/Password in the speedtouch dialup box, and was connected straight away. 8.1 Megs it say, it is, but click here indicated a speed of about 3 megs - or 565 KPS download!



  AllZwell 16:55 03 Jul 2006

**365** KPS that should be not 565

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