Noisy Machine

  taipan 15:31 14 Jul 2003

I have recently been told by my TV repair man that he thinks my computer is extremely loud and he recommends that I invest in a new fan. Now I don't know much about computers and I am looking for some advice about fans. Firstly a question about the fans on my machine. The fan at the top shoots out air and the one at the bottom sucks it in but it hard to tell which is noisier, Do I need to replace both fans to make my machine quieter?. Having never modified my machine in any way I am also worried about the process of fitting a new fan to my machine can someone please tell me if it is easy or should I look for a professional to carry out the work.

  rubella 15:52 14 Jul 2003

replacing case fans is very easy. if it's quiet you're after Papst are widely recognised as one of the quietest: click here

the connector usually plugs straight in the molex connector you have vacated by removing the one being replaced.

quiet does come at a cost in cfm though [how much air it shifts]. reducing that figure too much will increase case temperature.

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