No service to Iphone 5s after IOS update

  Sd7647364 18:50 30 Jun 2017

Ive been in touch with Three, my provider who have guided me through every last step to try and resolve this. I have thus far reset wireless settings, checked my carrier settings, done a total restore. Nothing is working. I have been given such a load of excuses from Three, such as mast congestion, fixing a problem in my area etc. There are no problems as a check shows good strong signal in my area. I have a feeling that the lastest update isn't compatible with the phone. Whats going on? Please help as this has been going on for 3 weeks.

  bremner 11:36 01 Jul 2017

The phone will not update if an update is incompatible with a particular model of phone.

The iPhone 5s is shown on Apple's iOS11 compatibility list - so all 10.3 updates will certainly be compatible

  Govan1x 21:29 01 Jul 2017

Take it flight mode is turned off.

If so maybe turn it on for 5 minutes then turn it off again that should also reset your connection.

Worth a try I suppose.

  Blazing_Boy 01:55 04 Jul 2017

Could you roll back the update? Ask them to get back it to the previous version.

  Sd7647364 14:04 07 Jul 2017

How do I roll back an update? Any clue? I will try it but cant see an option to do this either on my phone or via iTunes

  Govan1x 22:06 08 Jul 2017

Try using someone elses sim card. If that works you know you sim card is faulty. I have had 3 days trying to sort my new sim card with the same problem. Tried my grandsons sim in it and it worked fine.

So basically they sent me a new sim card and never validated it when I phoned them. still waiting.

  Sd7647364 20:11 11 Jul 2017

I have already tried her sim cards to no avail. I'm stumped!

  Sd7647364 20:12 11 Jul 2017

sorry that should say I tried other sim cards, to no avail

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