new PSU put in machine

  quod01 15:23 26 Sep 2005

Need more help with the psu in my machine.

Pluged the psu into my computer and press the on switch. The heatsink fan and cooling fan twitched and the floppy drive light flickered then nothing.

Can anyone help - should the computer come to life with the hard drive power disconnected?

  woodchip 15:28 26 Sep 2005

Yes it should be able to boot to BIOS if you have all the connectors on the board fitted as the old one. Does it have a CPU plug a little four pin plug fit's in it's own socket. if you missed this one out the computer will not fire up

  vinnyT 09:44 27 Sep 2005

Does the graphics card require its own power cable, if so, did you connect it?

  quod01 09:50 27 Sep 2005

yes - graphics card pluged in

  Stuartli 09:58 27 Sep 2005

PSUs also (normally) have their own on/off switch - you haven't missed out on it by any chance?

  jack 10:08 27 Sep 2005

This does look like the CPU is not powering up.
Check the power connections between old and new PSU
The new type PSU have a separate 4 pin plug similar to look at as the large 20/24 pin power plug
This intended to power the CPU on the newer[64 bit] boards.
so if you have an older board- CPU power may be lacking- I do beleive there is an adaptor available.
check out Maplins -Also your MoBo book [if you have one]

  Gongoozler 10:21 27 Sep 2005

Hi quod01. Why did you change the PSU, was it to cure a fault that might have been in the motherboard?

You should be able to start up the computer with nothing connected except the PSU, motherboard with processor and heatsink, case speaker and power on switch. Everything should then power up with BIOS error beeps because of the lack of memory or graphics card.

  quod01 10:45 27 Sep 2005

Hi Gongoozler

I think your on the right track - the four pin plug that near the heatsink is acting odd. When the plug is put all the way in the machine is dead but pulled 1/2 way out and the heatsink fan and cooling fan twitched and the floppy drive light flickers but thats it!!!

  woodchip 15:15 27 Sep 2005

Looks like a Faulty mobo

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