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  vinnyo123 17:01 17 Sep 2004

I am recently going to get into the Macromedia world but not sure which product to use.I am currently using Frontpage for a youth Soccer team and looking to brighten things up.waht I am looking for is something like this web site I am going to link to...
click here

I am looking for the cartoon look and the Gifs they use for links. Which product will do these things and is it hard to produce this look.

As always thanks in advance.

  Taran 17:21 17 Sep 2004

The GIF images may be produced with any good image editor. Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Ulead PhotoImpact and Macromedia Fireworks can all produce GIF animations. I'm sure if you hold on long enough those who use them will suggest other programs that may be less expensive or even free, however, regardless of the program being used, there are a few things to consider.

1. Loading messages turn site visitors away in droves.

2. Animations almost always look cheesy and often end up by making a site look very amteurish.

3. It is very difficult to produce valid code when using Flash.

I can think of lots more to add but will leave it at that for now.

The main animation on that page is done in Macromedia Flash. Flash has a horrific learning curve (no exaggeration) and to get yourself up to speed with it to the point where you could produce something along the lines of the intro on that page would take some time and a lot of effort.

The only reason I stayed long enough to view the page was because you had linked to it as your example for this thread. There is a lot of evidence to show that most web users, being victims of the human condition, refuse to wait around for an animation to load up. Anything that takes more than nine or ten seconds to load will normally make your visitor click and go elsewhere. This is not always as much of an issue for the likes of a fan site for sports teams where the audience is normally passionate about the subject in hand, but for most people a loading screen is a real thorn in their side and for dial up web users Flash animations are their absolute bane.

Macromedia Flash would be required for the main animation and any good image/graphocs editing package will allow you to make animated GIFS, once you get your head around the process.

Personally I use Flash rarely and when I do, sparingly, and I never include animated GIFS or sound files on my sites.

It seems like a lot of money and a vast amount of learning time and effort for an animated layout which is actually little more than a 'look at me, aren't I a clever animator' introduction to the main site area. I can't see that it adds value to the site or its content in any way.

You may have gathered that I don't like Flash, at least in this context.

Flash has been one of the most misused and misunderstood applications in the history of web design and development. My take is that if it adds value in some way to your site, its content, your message, products, services or whatever then give it a go. If it doesn't, don't.

  vinnyo123 18:04 17 Sep 2004

I agree with you but on this particular site I have a lot of returning visitors that I believe would enjoy some more life to the youth soccer site. I been looking into animated GIFS and Macromedia (flash as you pointed out). I cannot seem to get the animated GIFS going any Ideas on how to create them. I would also love to get some Cartoons going with Flash, I guess but I understand that you said it takes time and effort,not sure if I have that right now.

One more quick question is there a way to get a jpeg or bitmap to look kinda cartoonish.Lets say one of the players. Just looking for something to spruce up things on site.

thanks for your great advise.

  Taran 18:30 17 Sep 2004

click here

click here

Both from a Google search on 'how to animate gif'

The same search will give you links to a ton of free animations for your web page, many with a sports theme.

GIF files are a bit labour intensive to create and without knowing your software setup it is impossible to advise further. Aside from mentioning FrontPage you haven't said if you have any software available to you for GIF files or not, so I can't really suggest anything more than Google searches for general tutorials coupled with the help files from your image editing software.


  vinnyo123 22:09 17 Sep 2004

yes unerstand content is important. This particular site I have no problem with because it is constantly getting updated with soccer schedules and pics and movie clips of all there games.Just looing for something nce for the eyes also.I tried with a couple of photo editors and just can't seem to get anything cartoons or Gifs.Lookin for something to do with the players possibly and making there jpegs into cartoons or something in that area.

thanks again

  vinnyo123 00:00 18 Sep 2004

Or how to make this skysraper banner?

click here

  vinnyo123 12:59 18 Sep 2004

Yes I ahve a lot quite a few Photo progreams but can't seem to get what I am looking for.

  Forum Editor 15:08 18 Sep 2004

that you refer to is achieved in a graphics program - they're drawn, just like a conventional cartoon. The navigation graphics are prepared in the same way, and whether you like the look or not, a considerable degree of skill has gone into the creation of that site.

  vinnyo123 16:18 18 Sep 2004

yes agreed looking into this now, using photo shop 7 and noticed that it very involved to get that look.

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