new machine build, cannot format hard drive.

  Newuser1241 18:47 14 Sep 2003

Have just built myself a new machine, nothing excessive performance wise, have already spotted that FSB needs setting at 133 to run processor properly, but I cannot cannot get hard drive to format via start-up floppy.

System Athlon xp2400+ processor, 512mbRAM, M/b is Asrock K7S8XE, Graphics Mentor 128mb geforce4 mx440, Maxtor 80Gb HD. Will be running w98se when I get it up and running(for now anyway).

I have a startup disc for Win 98 which i used OK for my old machine which I reformatted just the other day.

For the new machine using the same floppy cannot get hard drive to format.

Floppy runs and loads OK then when enter "setup" tells me need to partition hard drive via MS-DOS, obviously if I could get format to work then drive would be partitioned. Is there something I need to do via motherboard bios to get me going?

  Askit 18:55 14 Sep 2003

Insert your Windows 98 boot up disk and run fdisk from the "A" prompt. First create a partition and then format it.

  Newuser1241 19:09 14 Sep 2003

I have been in A drive, I am doing exactly what I did to my old machine 3 days ago, but fidsc will not run. This as I said is a totally fresh drive is there something I'm doing wrong?

  Legolas 19:14 14 Sep 2003

Is the hard drive being recognized in the BIOS?

  leo49 19:59 14 Sep 2003

Why not use the maxtor "Maxblast" utility to do this? - that's what they provide it for.

  Newuser1241 20:12 14 Sep 2003

hard drive is now recognised, I had my dvd drive as a slave on the cable, I have now moved it.

Situation is as follows
IDE drive is now recognised as Primary master, ULTRA DMA mode 6 SMART capable but disabled.
no primary slave fitted.
On second cable I had new DVD drive and a cd rw drive fitted, both with cable select on the jumpers.

now get secondary master DVD, sec slave not detected.

Still was not getting much further as asking for drive to be partitioned via FDISC. But now getting error message ref. cd rom not being supported no device drivers found.
I am going to do the following, one cd drive only onto secondary cable.
new startup disc been created off my old system, hopefully will get to asking for a partition at A: prompt and I will try FDISC first as reading a help file need this before can run format C.

any thoughts anyone?

  Newuser1241 20:18 14 Sep 2003

maxtor drive is just a bare drive no cd etc so cannot access any utilities. Going for a coffe before have another go with new machine, as I have to swap all connections over etc.

  leo49 20:20 14 Sep 2003

It's a small download from Maxtor that goes on a floppy - I've used it everytime I've installed a Maxtor OEM.

  daxian 20:28 14 Sep 2003

hi new user ...
in order to get the cd and dvd working you will need to set them to master and slave via the jumpers as cable select only works with hard drives to my knowledge ...
fdisk is used from the floppy or A:\ drive and needs to be done before you can use format.

  Newuser1241 09:46 15 Sep 2003

Maxtor download did the trick, it's now up and running a real boon as the formatting etc took a fraction of the time via MS-DOS on the 20gb drive I did last week.

my problems are on the settings for the cables etc. Have just spoken with helpline and told the following as getting detection error on my old system.

If only one drive fitted to a cable then jumper set as cable select OR solo (american term?).

When two drives fitted onto a cable then the drive nearest the motherboard on the cable is the slave, the other is set as the master.

Will be resetting both systems now. Only problem left is getting NTL broadband via LAN set up, it screweded new system up completely last night so ended up just doing complete reformat and re-install. NTL having big problems as helpline closed last night and till 11:00 today. Do n ot want to set up for USB then try LAN setup.

Many thanks all those who helped, now need to save for new TFT monitor so can have two machines.

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