New MacBook Pro want to keep it clean.

  rodger-2321489 17:54 16 Sep 2015

All that rubbish and stuff that slows down a machine after a while. What's the best way or practice to keep it clean and operating as fast as it is now. My previous Windows laptop got to the tortoise stage and was unbearable so here I am with better technology and I want to keep it that way! Thanks.

  Pine Man 18:57 16 Sep 2015

Be very, very careful what you use. A lot of these programs, like MacKeeper, have been proved to cause more problems than they cure.

OSX is not like windows and doesn't generate the same amount of crap.

I belong to a number of Mac specific forums and the only program that they endorse is Onyx.

AV programs are not necessary but malware programs like Ghostery can be helpful.

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