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New Mac user Software question

  Daley 14:33 11 May 2020

Hello everybody.

I recently bought a family iMac (used) and just need some opinions on the most cost effective MS Office bundle to go for. We only really need the major applications of Word, PPT, Excel. I’d rather not have to pay an annual subscription.

I see a lot of “offers” selling Activation Keys. I assume this is a code to “open” the already downloaded software?!

I think I’d rather the hard copy DVD as well for backup.


My son is a Fortnite fanatic and I was wondering if I’d be able to run Fortnite on the iMac. I suspect it’s too old (late 2013, 27”, i5 Core, 3.2ghz, 16GbRam)?

He also wants to play Minecraft Java? I presume that’ll run fine tho?

Apologies for asking such basic questions - I’m completely out of my depth with Macs at the moment!!!!

Thanks in advance


  bremner 19:12 11 May 2020

I am an experienced Mac user but have never taken too the Apple Office Suite particularly Numbers the Excel equivilant. I have used Libre Office and find that a reasonable alternative to MS Office.

But it does come down to personal opinion so I always advise new to Mac users to give Pages and Numbers a try before wasting their money.

  Lester Pendrey 16:19 16 May 2020

Open Office is alive and kicking, latest release Dec 2019. It is now known as Apache OpenOffice.

  wee eddie 17:22 16 May 2020

Sorry Lester, I was under the impression that Apache had abandoned it

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