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New Mac user Software question

  Daley 14:33 11 May 2020

Hello everybody.

I recently bought a family iMac (used) and just need some opinions on the most cost effective MS Office bundle to go for. We only really need the major applications of Word, PPT, Excel. I’d rather not have to pay an annual subscription.

I see a lot of “offers” selling Activation Keys. I assume this is a code to “open” the already downloaded software?!

I think I’d rather the hard copy DVD as well for backup.


My son is a Fortnite fanatic and I was wondering if I’d be able to run Fortnite on the iMac. I suspect it’s too old (late 2013, 27”, i5 Core, 3.2ghz, 16GbRam)?

He also wants to play Minecraft Java? I presume that’ll run fine tho?

Apologies for asking such basic questions - I’m completely out of my depth with Macs at the moment!!!!

Thanks in advance


  Pine Man 15:34 11 May 2020

We only really need the major applications of Word, PPT, Excel. I’d rather not have to pay an annual subscription.

I used to be of the same opinion but soon realised that every few years I splashed out on a new version of Office.

For about three years now I have had a subscription to Microsoft 365, which allows me to Install premium Office apps on all my devices and be signed in to 5 at the same time. This includes both my iMac and my wifes PC as well as phones etc. It costs £59.99 a year and always has the most update version of all the apps and gives you 1TB of cloud storage.

There is no need to have the DVDs any more as it is downloaded and updated on line.

As far as Fortnite goes, I am not a gamer but you can run it on a Mac if you follow the link for guidance.

click here

  Pine Man 15:36 11 May 2020

I forgot to mention that a GENUINE version of Office is about £250.

  wee eddie 16:28 11 May 2020

Forgive me, but I was under the impression the all Macs came with a basic Productivity Suite installed.

a Word Processor, Spread Sheet and Data Base, also a Diary/eMail, equivalent to M/S's Outlook, which were all compatible with M/S Office.

They certainly used to

  Pine Man 16:33 11 May 2020

They certainly used to

They still are but their files are not quite as compatible as you might wish and the email client is completely different and very basic.

Horses for courses but my preference is MS Office. Maybe Daley will try out the Mac Apps before he considers Office?

  Daley 16:51 11 May 2020

Ahh - thanks everyone. I’ve not actually tried the pre installed software but, I’ll certainly have a look now !

Thanks again everyone.

  Jollyjohn 17:00 11 May 2020

Open Office or LibreOffice - both available for a Mac.

  Daley 17:04 11 May 2020

Ahh - I tried to look for OpenOffice in the App Store but couldn’t find it.

I then wondered if a peice of software would even be in the App Store?!? Sorry - I’m very new to all this!!

Would i need to go to the Open Office webpage and download it from there??

  wee eddie 17:08 11 May 2020

As I understand it. Unless you are doing complex Formatting, the two suits are compatible.

In other words: If you're writing a Letter or doing basic Household Expenses, they are the same.

And it'll save you a load of cash

  Daley 17:17 11 May 2020

Awesome. Thanks Wee Eddie.

Yeah it’s only very basic functionality we need so I’ll look at Open Office.

  wee eddie 18:34 11 May 2020

Daley: If you can, use the stuff that already there. The stuff that Apple installs on each machine.

Open Office is, effectively, dead and has not been updated for several years. "Libre Office" has replaced it

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