New laptop - Windows or Mac?

  Thatslife 13:49 11 Mar 2009

I've decided to get a laptop. Seems more and more I'm being banished from my desktop as the misses updates her Myface pages.

I'm quite familiar with desktop PCs, peripherals etc and as I need upgrade my PC.

I've never really paid any attention to laptops and am getting confused.

I've got a budget of £700ish and would like a machine to play the odd game (eg FM2009, watch DVDs and of course use the internet.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is good for this sort of price? In addition I have a play with a Mac in PCworld and I liked it. Is it worth considering a Mac or for the same money can I get a more powerful windows laptop?



  Clapton is God 14:04 11 Mar 2009

You seem a little confused.

You should buy a PC. A Mac is something you buy at McDonald's and eat (if you have the stomach for it).

  oldbeefer2 14:34 11 Mar 2009

Lots of people like Macs (my son and daughter included) as they seem to suffer none of the disasters that we've come to love on PCs. Generally much faster with few problems with viruses or malware (yet!). Pricey, though.

  interzone55 14:49 11 Mar 2009

Macs do suffer from security breaches just as much as Windows, but unlike Microsoft Apple seem to be reluctant to admit problems and only patch the OS once every 6 months or so.

Dangerous security holes will be open much longer on a Mac.

As for the original question.

You need to see whether a Mac will run all the software you need - especially your games, as there aren't many games available on MacOS. You could dual boot with Windows, but you'd have to buy a full XP or Vista licence, and you would end up paying a fortune for an under specified PC that looks nice.

  bremner 15:26 11 Mar 2009

I have been running three Macs for over two years, we have over thirty Mac's in the office of which over half are permanently online, not one person has had a virus or malware infect their machine.

You will pay a premium for a Mac but the 2GHz Macbook has 2GHz Ram, a 120GB hard drive and a separate graphics card at £719. It will have an OS that makes Vista look a very poor second best.

You can get a copy of XP for about £60 and have the benefit of bothon the Mac.

More and more games are becoming available for the Mac including FM2009 click here but it is true that nowhere near as many as for a PC.

Having said all that only you know exactly what your requirements are and there are some excellent machines out there under £500 that would probably suit your stated needs.

  bremner 15:27 11 Mar 2009

Sorry the post should have been addressed to Thatslife not alan14.

  citadel 15:57 11 Mar 2009

from what I have seen software is more expensive for a mac.

  Thatslife 17:58 11 Mar 2009

Ok I see there are those for and those against. Does anyone have any suggestions for £700?

  interzone55 21:21 11 Mar 2009

Samsung Q310 £749
click here

Toshiba U400 £680
click here

Both from John Lewis

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