New i Phone took hours to set up!

  john bunyan 16:19 23 Dec 2015

I bought my wife an iPhone 5s, with Giff Gaff rolling monthly SIM card. As we wanted it to be in her name (our iTunes hijacked by granddaughter!). I had to do the following: a) Create new Admin User in wife's name on laptop. b) Create new e mail address ( in wife's name. c) Create new Apple ID and password, move new Apple media to data partition e) Create a Giff Gaff Account, "Goodybag" password etc. f) Install SIM into iPhone, g) Plug in iPhone to I Tunes; run Ios 9.2 update. f) back up phone. All this took ages; Does everyone have to do this? It seems very long winded.

  simonjary 18:11 25 Dec 2015

I know how you feel! I had to set up an iPod touch for my daughter, and an iPad for my mother in law, plus convert an old iPhone for someone else.

The days of just remembering to buy some batteries for Christmas gifts have long gone. Now you need to set up various accounts, verify emails, and install firmware updates before any fun can be had after the unwrapping!

  spuds 14:05 26 Dec 2015

I always say, that with gadgets of this type, take them to the local school, and with the head teacher's permission, let the kid's explain and show you how to set them up. There's alway a few IT genius's in a class of thirty or so.

Personally it's all now beyond me, this ever expanding 'must have' modern technology I still don't even know how to send a text message correctly ;o((.

  john bunyan 19:58 26 Dec 2015

The phone was easy enough, ie the SIM. What took the time was all the faffing about with I tunes, updating and back up on the PC, along with new e mail and user profile. I wonder if most people just buy and use the phone as such?

  Forum Editor 10:09 27 Dec 2015

Interestingly, I have had less setting up to do this Christmas, compared to previous years.

My children are all grown up, and just as capable as me when it comes to configuring these devices. My neighbours no longer seem to come knock at the door with new laptops and iPads and a tense child or two.

Generally speaking, I think there is an easing of complexity in the actual set-up process with smartphones and tablets, etc. The key is in understanding concepts - once you have the principles nailed the process more or less takes care of itself.

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