New charger for Ipad mini 5

  Govan1x 13:20 06 Apr 2018

Bought a new iPad 5 in Australia and it came with the Aussie power adapter.

So now that it is in the UK thought that I would get a new uk power adapter for it.

Checked a few places + Apple and it seemed that the 12 volt charger was for that iPad.

So a bit late but checked the Aussie power adapter and it said 10 vaults.

My wifes old iPad uses a 10 vault charger.

So the question is will the 12 vault adapter do any damage or does it just charge quicker and safe to use.

  bremner 13:56 06 Apr 2018

You are confusing watts and volts.

Apple chargers are 10watts and 12watts. Either can be used.

  Govan1x 16:29 06 Apr 2018

Ok bremner thanks for that. Eyesight not as good as it was. Even used a magnifying glass and I still got it wrong.

Will be opening another thread shortly about iPhone.

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