networking a pc and a mac?? SOS!!

  laura e 16:19 14 Jun 2005


We are currently moving into and setting up a new office, we have a networking system in the office, and we currentlyu have one pc which is currently working with no probs. I have an ibook laptop which is connected to the office network hub and so the internet is working fine but we cannot seem to find or set up a connection between the pc and the mac for file sharing etc and to share the printers etc. There is another team of people in here who have pcs and macs networked but they are not here to help so we have no idea what to do!! any suggestions? the pc is running xp and the mac is running os x in case this makes any difference?

Thanks in advance!!

Laura and Alec

  Gaz 25 18:03 15 Jun 2005

Linking mac's linux and windows clients CAN and sometimes IS a nightmare, although not impossible.

First, I'd make sure that the Workgroup or 'domain' your business is on - is set on ALL PC'S you wish to connect to the network for file sharing.

Ensure they also have it enabled in the firewall and in their options. In MAX OSX, there is an option for: Enable file sharing, and in the firewall you can exclude cirtain processes like SAMBA, etc.

You need CUPS or something alike for printing, you may also use SAMBA for that too.

In windows, you need to disable the SP2 firewall, and enable file sharing on a folder.

For printers in XP, rightclick and go to the sharing tab and select share printer.

Fill in the details, and remember the HOSTNAME or IP address and the printer name, and then setup a route to the printer in MAC, like

Sorry this is a little 'breif', if you do need more help PM me, by clicking the yellow envelope and I can answer individual questions much quicker.


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