Networking a PC with an Apple - HELP EMERGENCY!!

  PipSpur 19:21 13 May 2003

I have just purchased an Apple PowerBook OSX with wireless connection capabilities. I already have a PC running Windows XP which is a one year old Dell. I have a Plus Net ADSL broadband connection. I purchased an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station and a D-Link ADSL Router so I could have a network with a wireless connection for the Apple. I am now completely broke!

Someone who knows about Apples set the Apple up for me including the wireless connection but it was then that we realised my Dell did not have a network card in it. I now had two computers working individually with the ADSL connection by plugging each one into the phone line separately (the Apple is getting its signal from the Base Station and the Router and the Dell is only able to use the old Plus Net Modem).

So I purchased a 3com Network Interface Card and installed it in my Dell. I was told that all I would then have to do was plug it in and I would have a network. But it didn't work. All day I phoned first the 3com help line who did try to help but couldn't. They told me to ring the D-Link router help line as they said the 3com NIC was working as it should and therefore it must be the router at fault. But the same thing happened with the D-Link router company. They told me to change all the settings on my PC to make it all work but it didn't and my Dell computer now does not work properly. I had to completely reinstall all my Plus Net connections because I ended up with no connection at all. Another thing now wrong is when I send a Fax my ADSL connection disconnects and reconnects when I have finished.

I have now noticed that there is a Network Set Up Wizard but I am too scared now to touch anything. I even phoned Dell for help but what a waste of time that was, they did not want to know.

Is there anyone out there brave enough to help me sort this mess out. I would be most grateful, I might even be able to have a good night's sleep at last!

  OneSirKnight 19:32 13 May 2003

hope this helps here

  PipSpur 20:09 13 May 2003

Thanks. I'll look into it. I've just been having a look around trying to pluck up the courage to have another go!

  recap 20:10 13 May 2003

Excellent link OneSirKnight.

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