Need serious help securing my mac

  ifspen 11:54 06 Nov 2015

As far as I can tell, someone has down a great job of taking complete control of my mac. To begin, thunderbridge is configured with 2 different ports, despite my attempts to delete them. My computer is run entirely through proxy servers, mirroring services, "parental control" and multicast sites, and my computer is on a ".local" server. Cd's and dvds, fibre channel, Ink, Profiles, and Xsan all have hidden componenets somewhere. my keychain and icloud are constantly in use, and the password gets changed somehow.. I would try a factory reset but there are other users on this same computer, and like 3000 collective pictures of our past few years. I would move everything worth saving to an external hardrive, but between the various formats and locations they are in I dont feel comfortable enough to risk these files.

  Forum Editor 13:33 06 Nov 2015

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  bumpkin 19:53 06 Nov 2015

Need serious help securing my mac.

A strong belt may help.

  Macworld 10:56 09 Nov 2015

I'm struggling to understand exactly what's happened here, what is Thunderbridge? Do you mean Thunderbolt?

Have you recently downloaded anything from a unverified source? What version of OS X are you running, as this shouldn't have allowed you to install anything dodgy. Have you fallen prey to one of those people who phones up and tells you to install software as they need to fix your system?

You could try installing Sophos's free Mac security software to see if it pulls anything up, but to be honest any kind of trojan activity shouldn't be able to run on your Mac if you are running the most recent version of OS X.

Read: click here and click here for more info

  ifspen 13:44 26 Nov 2015

Yes, thunderbolt was what I meant. Someone is using an "AirPort Extreme" to connect with my Mac. Apperently this has went on long enough that they know my passwords and have taken my users admin rights and so I can't shut them out all the way.

  Macworld 10:08 27 Nov 2015

If someone is connecting to your Mac with an Airport Extreme then they must be in the facility of your house. It's hardware. Click on the fan shape for WiFi beside the clock at the top right and connect to your own WiFi - or turn WiFi off and see what happens.

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