Need to re-format a XP Machine

  alcudia 16:23 28 Mar 2003

I have a Compaq Deskpro which came supplied with the usual Set of Compaq discs should the machine ever need to be recovered. This is not a problem.
However the machine has been upgraded from Win98 to XP Professional and the file system changed to NTFS.
It is now playing up and I have no idea how to re-format it. I will obviously need to wipe the disc, recover from the Compaq discs, which will take me back to Win98 and then re-run the XP Pro upgrade and convert again to NTFS. I know how to re-format a WIN XP NTFS machine by deleting and restoring the petition, however this time I will have to go back to FAT32 so that I can run the Compac discs first. If it was still Win98 it would be easy. Please can anyone let me know the procedure. I would be very grateful.

  Legolas 16:34 28 Mar 2003

If you do a format and then reinstall 98 it will be installed as Fat32 you don,t need to do anything as it will be done automatically.

  Paranoid Android 00:18 29 Mar 2003

The trouble is that your Win98 boot discs will not be able to read the NTFS partition. I think you might need to FDISK before formatting, then reformat, then use your recovery disks.

If you get stuck let me know and I will mail you a utility to wipe your hard disk, NTFS and all.

I suggest you stick to FAT32 with Windows XP unless you have a very specific reason for wanting NTFS.


  Kyomii 01:11 29 Mar 2003

NTFS is better for XP IMHO - anyhow, boot up with win98 disk, fdisk and choose to delete non-DOS partition,(number 4 I think)then creat primary partition which will automatically be FAT32 and install win 98.

Failing that, you can install XP from the upgrade disk without putting windows 98 on first providing you have a valid win98 disk. Just install XP as normal and it will ask you during install to provide a valid win 98 disk - it will scan the disk and then carry on with the install (you can remove the 98 disk once scanned).

I am unsure if this would work with a restore disk, but if anyone has a valid win 98 disk it will save a lot of time and trouble for you and is not really cheating since your friend does own restore disk with win 98 on it.

All microsofts upgrade disks contain the full version of windows on them, the only difference is that you need to provide proof of owning a previous windows - so the original previous disk is asked for during install and then scanned to ensure that it is legit before install will continue.

  temp003 02:50 29 Mar 2003

Boot from the XP CD, but instead of entering XP Setup, Press R to go into the Recovery Console. Then select your XP installation. There's usually only one, so press "1", Enter, and you'll be prompted to enter your Administrator password.

Do that, and you'll get to the C:\WINDOWS> prompt.

At the C:\WINDOWS> prompt, type "format c: /fs:fat32" without the quotation marks, and press Enter.

You'll receive 2 warnings probably. One relating to losing all data, and another about the partition being your system partition. Say yes to continue. After formatting is finished, you'll get back to the C:\WINDOWS prompt.

Type exit and press Enter. The computer will restart. Remove the XP CD, and do what you need to restore the Compaq Windows 98.

  alcudia 16:23 31 Mar 2003

Thanks to all who responded.
The job is done.

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