Need a new machine for games development tools...

  ultramagic 16:01 06 Jun 2010

Hi there, I was looking for some opinions on what type of PC or laptop to go for if I intend on using the likes of UDK, Unity, Maya, Max, Photoshop and other applications of this nature.

At the moment I've had a Vaio laptop for about 5 years and I struggle to get it to do any of those things on their own. I generally work from university right now. Any suggestions? Portability isn't a HUGE deal for me. I'd maybe prefer a laptop, but certainly would be happy enough to go for a PC as anywhere I go, I generally have my iPhone and another computer station anyway.

General tips would be much obliged.

  Bertie20 10:49 08 Jun 2010

For a new pc i would look here
click here

  martjc 11:14 08 Jun 2010


click here

Pricey, but will do what you want and more!

  ultramagic 11:21 08 Jun 2010

I've already been browsing these kind of sites anyway. Do you guys have any general advice?

I'm not once for hassle! The more easily I can be sure of a decent machine without niggles the better. That's what maybe puts me off cube24/7. Read a few bad reviews of their after-sales etc.

Would you guys suggest going with a brand-company?

  wee eddie 11:38 08 Jun 2010

Almost every Manufacturer gets a few 'bad' threads and postings.

If yo visit the Forums of other Magazines, and similar Sites, you will find the same, a slightly different mix of Manufacturers. That is all.

Most of these manufacturers are making 10's of thousands on Units. Some of them, 100's of thousands of Units. There are bound to both Component and Service failures, now and again. It is rare that happy punters spend their time lauding the PC or laptop that does what it said on the box. All you will find are the most vociferous of those that have been failed by the system.

I think that it can be said with some confidence that, the smaller the profit margin made by the Manufacturer, the less there is available for service.

In other words, if you buy the cheapest, it will be made from the cheapest components and have the least labour content that they can manage with. However, the converse is not always true.

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