Need help setting up Logic Audio Mac

  wizbat 19:18 04 Dec 2014


I'm in the process of putting together a recording studio set up at home using older tech as its so affordable these days and i was given some stuff to kick it off.

I'm planning to use 3 motu 2408 audio interfaces with a motu 324 pci card and was going to use a mac g4 933mhz machine to run it. a friend suggested trying a g5 mac instead as it is faster and I,m looking for one that will do the job.

I'm going to be using logic audio 6 with 7 upgrade as I have the software and OS X to go with it.

Does anyone know what g5 spec I can use and can anyone help with putting together a suitable machine? I have a pair of vga lcd monitors already and just need the Mac, keyboard and mouse.

best regards wizbat (paul)

  simonjary 07:05 05 Dec 2014


Here are Logic Pro 7 System Requirements

• Macintosh computer with PowerPC G4 or faster processor (G5 or dual G4 processors recommended).

• PowerPC G5 and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for Logic Node applications.

• Mac OS X v10.3 or later.

• 512MB of RAM.

• DVD drive for software installation.

• Available USB port for XSKey (copy protection).

• Low-latency multi-I/O audio hardware and MIDI interface recommended.

• 4GB of available hard drive space.

So I'd say any G5 Mac can do the job, and a Power Mac G5 will give you the best expansion possibilities. These should be fairly inexpensive on eBay now.

That's an aging set up, though – Logic Pro 7 was released in 2004. But if it still works...

  wizbat 10:32 06 Dec 2014

hi well i,m looking for the fastest and most powerful machine that is compatible with my ancient tech.. it,s the pci slot for the firewire card that seems to be the one thing that not all mac g5 machines come with If someone here can put together the right machine for the job i,ll happily pay market value . paul

  wizbat 14:21 07 Dec 2014

I checked my software today and I have osx 10.3 my main problem at the moment is that most g5 machines I,ve seen online have pci express slots and I believe these are different to pci slots. does anyone know of a g5 with 1.8 ghz processor or higher that comes with a pci slot for the motu pci324 card?

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