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Need Help with Accessing Camera Roll Images

  MatraSimca 01:04 08 May 2018

I’m trying to pull images off of my Camera Roll on my iPhone 6S with iOS 11.2 to my Mac locally and not using iCloud as I won’t sign up for that. I would like to use the Image Capture program or iPhoto and I used Dr Fone programs too but all of them say that my iPhone has a password lock on it and it can’t access my phone when I hook it up through the USB cable but I have no password active on it.

The only thing that I can think of is that when I first bought the phone and it asked me for a passcode during the first initial set up of the phone, for some reason this main passcode that I put is preventing me from accessing the photos through my Mac. Can this be correct? Or how else can I get access to empty my camera roll locally onto my Mac?

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