Mystery of the Caps Lock and freezing Mac (HELP!)

  Daniel Segeth 21:08 07 Nov 2016

I hope someone can help me as I am absolutely out of ideas.

I bought my Mac about 3 years ago, and have always installed the latest OS. I have never had any problems with slow-running, performance or...well...anything. Recently I upgraded to Sierra, and that's where the trouble started.

Immediately after the upgrade, the following symptoms became (and are still) present:

  • Pressing the Caps Lock will cause the system to freeze temporarily. After that, the system will freeze once every few minutes for a few seconds (as if the CPU is trying to process something big);
  • The reboot of the system takes approximately 10mins when restarting;
  • When shutting down, it takes approximately 10mins until the screen entirely turns off and the system is fully shut down.

The freezing is the most annoying and problematic issue. When the system is not freezing, the system works perfectly fine. Indeed the issues only appear to start once I've tried the Caps Lock.

I have exhausted both mine and other forums knowledge of Mac to fix this, including:

  • Ensuring sufficient RAM and memory (I have 267GB of 500GB free)
  • Ensuring there almost no applications start-up when logging on
  • Running First Aid from the Disk Utility
  • Stopping the MySQL server from starting automatically and running at all
  • Ensuring the Kernel is in normal limits (I'm unsure on this but it's running 124 threads and 506MB- is that normal?)
  • Checking extension cache and clearing
  • Replacing batteries in mouse and keyboard
  • Re-finding the keyboard and mouse in Bluetooth and re-connecting
  • Reinstalling Sierra
  • Updating Sierra with the latest available update
  • Updating all apps with updates outstanding
  • Disabling Siri

Does anyone else have this problem and can anyone help me? I cannot accept that the Caps Lock can cause this kind of trouble, and surely the beginning of the issue straight after Sierra isn't a coincidence?

Another odd thing that happens occasionally is that the cursor expands rapidly and then goes back to normal size. Not annoying really, just plain odd.

One thing I should mention is that I have an official Mac mouse but a Caseflex keyboard as my original keyboard died a year or so ago.

Any help is MASSIVELY appreciated.

  mgmcc 07:51 08 Nov 2016

As the problem appears to emanate from the use of the Caps Lock key of your non-Mac keyboard, can you try switching off the keyboard (and if it is a 2.4GHz "wireless" keyboard rather than a Bluetooth one, removing its USB dongle), then plug in a wired keyboard. This might identify if it is an incompatibility between your keyboard and the Sierra operating system that is causing the issue.

  jaritch 07:09 20 Nov 2016

I think the cursor issue you mentioned is probably the built-in feature that makes the cursor large when you rapidly move the mouse. This is to help those with large screens who struggle to find where the cursor is sometimes. I hope mgmcc's post helps with the bigger issue.

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