Is my machine getting old?

  SheffieldSpy 17:52 25 Aug 2003

I have a four year old computer, which has been very heavily used. I have noticed in the last 2 weeks that two ports have become unusable. The first is Comm2 (a 9 pin serial job) and one USB port. How do I get the use of the USB port back. I don't need to use the serial connection? Is my computer getting tired?

  Diemmess 18:03 25 Aug 2003

Yes it's a bit poorly.................
Sounds like the Mobo is beginning to lose reality!
You can buy a PCI/USB card for USB 2 while you are at it, and that should restore your USB problem.

Any drastic change needs careful though, but the clock is running.

  woodchip 18:06 25 Aug 2003

Hi this is Penistone EDDIE You can get Serial and USB card to plug into PCI slots from PCworld near Medowhall

  A15 18:46 25 Aug 2003

If it makes you feel better I have a 486 100 with a whole MB memory sitting under my desk! What can I say, it's useful for running old DOS progs that Windows XP wouldn't touch with the proverbial barge pole!

  BURGMAN02 19:30 25 Aug 2003

A15....That's a relief - I've got an Amiga A1200 with a massive 6 MB under mine!

And I thought I was being hard done by.

  BURGMAN02 19:33 25 Aug 2003


I still have my Acorn Electron.

  wee eddie 19:37 25 Aug 2003

How can these Ports become unusable.

Little bits don't fall off the MOBO.

This PC should be good for Office Work for a good few years yet

  obbit 19:38 25 Aug 2003

spectrum 48k

  STEVE71163 21:26 25 Aug 2003

I would just put a pci usb card in and carry on using it. I guess your pc just feels like me,A bit tired and worn out :0)

  woodchip 22:44 25 Aug 2003

Dry joints on the printed circuit. You could call it mechanical failure

  AMD 4 ever 22:55 25 Aug 2003

Amstrad PCW 9256..clocking away.

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