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My macbook air restarted because of a problem

  deidri16 13:12 21 Apr 2020

It restarted and came back on but now I have no keyboard or mouse and it keeps looking for a bluetooth keyboard to connect to. So mouse and keyboard are completely unresponsive although the power button does work. Can anyone help with this issue please?

  HondaMan 14:26 21 Apr 2020

Try a restart first

  deidri16 19:41 21 Apr 2020

I've tried a restart also performed SMC reset and a ram test but to no avail. It seems like whilst I use external usb mouse/keyboard everthing works fine. I'm not getting "the Mac has restarted because of a problem" message anymore but still no keyboard or mouse. Macbook Air running on Yosemite.

  HondaMan 20:51 24 Apr 2020

Can you restart, from a power-off position with + , if so try reinstalling MacOS

  appltechie 13:29 29 May 2020

There could be a few reasons why your internal mouse and keyboard have stopped working. It could be that the ribbon cable attached to your touchpad and keyboard is not functioning properly or it’s not correctly attached to the logic board connector of your Mac. Try using a different cable? Have you recently spilled anything on the keyboard? The damage might not happen immediately after the spill so you could forget it happened, but it’s another possibility you should consider. You can try clearing your NVRAM as well. Hold down the power button and shut your Mac down. Then turn it back on and immediately after, before the grey screen comes up, hold down Command + Option + P + R for about 20 seconds until it starts up again. Then you can release the keys. The Mac will start up normally. The battery is also a potential source of the problem. Sometimes it gets too hot, swells up and puts too much pressure on the keyboard from underneath it. In this case you can put your laptop in an airtight plastic bag and place it in the fridge to cool down. After your Mac gets to a lower temperature, use the power button to turn it on, test the keyboard and mouse pad. If they work, you should consider changing the battery to prevent this from happening again.

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