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My Keyboard Doesn't Work Right

  Jack 20:13 30 Jul 2019

My Magic, wireless keyboard stopped typing certain letters and numbers. They are ijklmou and 789. I had to dig out an old wired keyboard from my garage to type this. I went to the Apple store and bought a new keyboard for $99.00. I took it home, found that it was wired and attached it to my computer. It took the computer 15 minutes to locate the keyboard. When it finished, I opened a document and began typing. I still had no ijklmou or 789. Called Apple Care and they had me trying a number of different things to correct it. In SAFE mode only, the keyboard was fine. Sounds like either an APP or Program I have is causing it but only on the Magic Keyboards. Has anyone else had the same problem and what did it take to fix it?

  bremner 06:54 31 Jul 2019

What OS are you running?

  bremner 06:59 31 Jul 2019

Have a look at this Click here and follow the instructions re Accessibility at "Mouse Keys and its modern usage"

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