My iMac is overheating! What should I do?

  NicoleVisser 13:31 15 Dec 2016

My iMac (late 2012) is overheating. I did an antivirus and malware scan and found nothing. I made a back-up of all my files to an external HD, so the space on the iMac itself, is not the issue. Some of my applications does not want to open or respond. I also downloaded smcFanControl 2.2.2, but when I try to open it, nothing happens. It does not respond! Please help me!?

  wee eddie 19:53 15 Dec 2016

Has it got any dust inside?

  mgmcc 21:58 15 Dec 2016

Firstly, remove any anti-virus software that you have running. Secondly, in Finder, go to Utilities > Activity Monitor and see if anything is using an excessive amount of CPU resources. If you're not running any programs, the idle figure should be over 90%

  Burn-it 13:28 16 Dec 2016

Removing anti virus is NOT a good idea and in any case is unlikely to make any difference to overheating. If your car radiator was boiling over, would you accept advice that told you to remove the radiator??

  mgmcc 15:45 16 Dec 2016

Removing anti virus is NOT a good idea

It is generally suggested, by users far more knowledgeable than me, that as there are no Mac viruses in the wild, anti-vius programs seriously degrade performance unnecessarily. The definitions in any case tend to be for Windows viruses. On the other hand, there is malware and something like Malware Bytes should be used.


  mgmcc 15:56 16 Dec 2016

Here is one of very many threads advocating the removal of antivirus software.

  Fitz Fitzhenrymac 23:45 01 Jan 2017

Hi Nicole, I have the same problem and I too thought nothing was happening when I loaded smcFanControl 2.2.2. Then I noticed some tiny new figures on the top Safari bar: temperature and RPM. Click on them and you can adjust the figures. I'm guessing you should stick with the ones advised or you might burn the fans out. Remember, they need to be reset if you switch off your computer.

Hooray, my computer has dropped 10 degrees C.

I wish ap designers would warn us in the FAQ when they are going to be overly discrete.

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