My iMac 27" is getting very hot to the touch

  Doris 22:28 29 May 2019

I have a mid 2011 27" iMac desk top. It gets very hot and I have noticed that it has slowed down a lot. Are the two linked? Can I fix it?

  wee eddie 23:37 29 May 2019

Have you ever tried to blow the dust out of it?

  Christoph 14:13 11 Jun 2019

There might be different reasons for that. One possible solution is shown here regarding the slowness. but their might be other reasons. Open Spotlight CMD/Blank and type in action for the action monitor there you might identify some apps which takes aa lot of CPU resources. Before you do so you should update everything and check your main drive for storage space. 5-10% of its capacity should be left free for processes.

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