my 4th gen ipod wont connect to some inter -Help??

  SANAP 14:05 12 Jan 2018

This has me stumped. We use a 4th generation ipod with a philips docking staition to listen to internet radio but today it will not connect, I get network connection problem and that's it BUT it still connects to classic hits and a few other internet radio stations.

When I check network settings there is an entry against dns like this fe80;;1 and I cant shift it but if I click on line then rest of fields briefly populate with ip address, router address.

I'm stumped. Its ios 6.1.6 and its a huaewei router.

When I connect to VF bb with a netgear router I get this entry under dns. fe80::861b:5eff:fe47:9a91


ps i did a reset as well.

  SANAP 21:31 18 Jan 2018

i got the answer its too old!!! apple make sure they become obsolete.

  john bunyan 08:09 19 Jan 2018

Not an expert but IOS 6 seems old. My iPod 4 is on a 10 series IOS. Have you tried an update?

  Ventad 08:20 20 Jan 2018

Have you changed your router mode to N only? I changed my router to N only a while back and when my young g/daughter come she said why can’t I get on to the internet with her iPod I changed it back to G/N and she went straight on.

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