MS Office XP Activating on 2 machines

  Spook Tooth 23:34 22 Feb 2003

Have purchased OEM copy of Office XP Pro with the idea of installing it on both my desktop and laptop, coming to activate it over the net on laptop (having done so on the desktop copy already), guess what?, it won't let me.

So it's an OEM copy, is there a difference in allowable usage then between this and the retail version? All I wanted was to be able to use the software both whilst on the road (so they say), and at home.

Is there any way to persuade microsoft to allow activation on the laptop? Or will I have to buy a second copy?

  Forum Editor 23:39 22 Feb 2003

OEM copies should only be sold with a new computer or 'computer hardware' - although try as I might I have never succeeded in getting Microsoft to define 'computer hardware'.

That means that you can't install the software on two different machines. If you buy the full retail version however, you can install and activate on two machines - although you'll have to speak to a Microsoft activation desk person the second time round, and explain what you're doing.

  tbh72 23:48 22 Feb 2003

How did the price of the OEM compare to the full product price. If they are very close, I would look for a refund & purchase the Full instead!!!

  Spook Tooth 23:48 22 Feb 2003

click here;en-us;q300273 or click here

OK, found the MS article in question. Yes, OEM is a grey area, I agree. With Windows Product Activation, I checked with a friend with a copy of Office XP beforehand to ensure it was not also tied to a particular computer, and the assurance was that it wasn't. Well, that's the 'Retail' version he must have.

I wish I'd known this before I went ahead and purchased what seemed to be a good deal. Do you think Microsoft will allow me to pay the difference between OEM and Retail so I can activate it Office XP upon a second machine?

  Forum Editor 23:52 22 Feb 2003

but I have a sense that you'll be dropping your bucket down a dry well.

Microsoft is not famous for its flexibility when it comes to software licensing, and I have heard of similar requests failing. Try to speak to someone before you abandon hope however - impress upon them the fact that you are trying to comply with the licensing requirements, and that you made an honest (and perhaps understandable) mistake.

  Spook Tooth 23:52 22 Feb 2003

Posted same time!

I paid £235 (Scan) for this OEM copy. I suspect the difference between this and the several different version of Office XP Pro (Retail) will be several hundreds of pounds. (Ouch).

Maybe I will look to purchasing just the Student edition of standard Office XP instead. That's £119.00 from PC World (and includes a free printer).

I wonder if, on the expiration of my 1 year guaranteed hard drives, both installed Windows XP Pro and Office XP expire with it?

  Spook Tooth 23:55 22 Feb 2003

I think you will be right here. The second proposal of mine looks like a better solution.

  Djohn 00:12 23 Feb 2003

Spook Tooth, found this site for you. click here Hope it's of some help, sorry to hear that you have bought the wrong product for your needs, It's a very expensive mistake to make, and as you know I have just found out the hard way.

The only consolation is that the full retail version would have cost you, £499-36. Regards. J.

  Spook Tooth 08:22 23 Feb 2003

Yes Djohn. It's not cheap, is it?

Thanks for your link - I'm thinking through my options, and will decide later what to do about procuring a second copy.

Ta. Hope you sort yours out also, and soon too.

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