MP3 player for mac and DAB

  willo500 23:39 08 Jul 2007


I want to buy an MP3 player so that I can take tracks from my Pure Evoke 3 SD card, which are recorded as MP2 files, convert them to MP3 and listen to them at my leisure on the MP3 player.I would like aroud 6 to 8Gb in storage size.

There is one other complicating factor: I am using a Mac computer so whatever I get need to be able to use files from that. While I'm on the subject I need some recommendations for software to convert from MP2 to MP3 on the mac!

I'm not terribly keen on getting an iPod because I have heard so many bad stories about them and reliability, and also, I am not sure they are able to do what I want.

I'm not really very up to speed on MP3 players and compatibility etc as you might be able to tell and I really just want one to do the job I mentioned.

Thanks very much


  Kate B 23:55 08 Jul 2007

iPods are great and are designed first and foremost to work with Macs. For the software question, I suggest you post in a Mac forum - a few of use Macs in addition to Windows PCs but the expertise is mostly Windows.

  mole44 16:24 09 Jul 2007

have you tried downloading the individual files to your ipod and letting that do any converting, i like you have an Evoke but put the files on my pc and copy them into ITunes.

  willo500 22:32 09 Jul 2007

Thanks guys. I will try a mac forum. I don't actually have an iPod mole. As I say, I'm not really keen to get one because of the reports on poor quality I hear. Anyway, thanks again.


  Kate B 21:20 10 Jul 2007

What reports on poor quality? The earbuds are rubbish but that's the only less than good component.

  willo500 00:38 11 Jul 2007

Hi Kate

The reviews from customers on Amazon suggest a lot of reliability issues as do the 7 pages of problems with iPods on a mac site I have visited recently. I'm not sure if this site allows links to other sites so I better not give one here.

I suppose it all depends on your individual experience but I have noticed so many dissatisfied customers I would be reluctant to buy on just now.


  Kate B 17:29 11 Jul 2007

well, remember that you never hear from the thousands and thousands of happy users. I've had a couple of iPods - all upgrades, never had one go wrong on me - since the day they became available for Windows and I've always been delighted with them. A single swallow does not a summer make, and a handful of grumpy users doesn't mean that iPods are bad. They're not. They're not perfect, and they're not the best value for money, but I wouldn't have another mp3 player.

  willo500 13:44 12 Jul 2007

You're right of course about the complaints, and the truth is I'd really like one, but I have been put off a bit. I have to say, though, I am considering it and your comments are making me consider it more. Can I ask you what iPod you currently use?


  willo500 16:05 12 Jul 2007

All right if anyone is still reading this. I have just bought an iPod video 30Gb from Amazon. I hope I don't regret it


  Kate B 21:10 12 Jul 2007

I use the 80GB video iPod. I hope you enjoy your purchase - though I do recommend buying some better earbuds.

  bremner 22:38 13 Jul 2007

I agree with KateB -

You should get a pair of the Bose earphones - very good at a decent price click here

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