Moved drive from XP to 98 machine won't work

  Mr. Chips 18:08 30 Jul 2004

I had a Western Digital 'Caviar' Hard Drive (80 Gigs) working on my XP. I changed it to my wife's Win98 SE machine, but whilst it is 'found' by the bios, and shows in it's position as Secondary Master on start-up, Windows can't see it. i.e it doesn't show up on explorer.
Might it be an NTFS problem, (if indeed the drive is so formatted)?
Running 'add hardware' has no effect, as it finishes without finding it.
I don't have any drivers with the drive, and can't find anything on Western Digital's website.
Can you help please?



  flyingpeterpan 18:28 30 Jul 2004

You have answered your questions already,it's because of NTFS, FAT32 of WIN98 can't read XP in NTFS although BIOS detected it, WINDOWS didn't,are you going to retrieve any files from it? or just want to use it as a second drive ,if the latter you just format it again.

  Mr. Chips 18:42 30 Jul 2004

Thank you

It is pretty well full of video stuff which I want to keep. Am I able to do so?

  Mr. Chips 18:44 30 Jul 2004

I am not sure that it is NTFS,.. And I am not sure how to find out. .... any ideas?

  reaths 18:58 30 Jul 2004

put it back in your other machine burn to disk or
transfer to your other drive in this computer goto my computer click on the drive properties it will tell you what format its in reformat as fat32 and transfer the files back then put it back in the wifes machine and it will see it.
Other thing is i dont think windows98 can handle drives as big as that,its recognised in bios but when comp boots into windows theO/S cant cope with it.had this problem a while back took the drive back to shop they checked it and after a few questions they told me to upgade O/S and it worked no problem after this

  flyingpeterpan 19:00 30 Jul 2004

First of all, you need to put your XP hard drive back onto your machine. Then you go to My Computer, and right click on the C drive, go to properties and then by the File System, you can see whether your hard drive is on NTFS or FAT32

  Mr. Chips 19:08 30 Jul 2004

It all makes sense to me.

I have bought a bigger drive for my XP, so I can transfer it accross.
Then return it to the 98 machine and reformat as necessary.

thanks to you all.

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