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move photos from ipad to pc

  clair72 14:51 11 Jul 2016

I moved photos from iPhone to iPad using airdrop, but this has slowed my IPad so I want to now move these pics to my pc. I tried connecting via cable (like a digital camera) but it does not find ALL pictures, only a small selection. How can I access the rest ? ITunes sync only seems to move from PC to IPad not the other way around.

  Ashrich 23:20 11 Jul 2016

Open a drop box account ( or similar ) that allows both PC and Mac to upload and download photos . If too many photos ( as in GBs ) move them a few at a time.


  john bunyan 16:15 12 Jul 2016

Look up how to do it via iCloud. I did it with a relatives I phone, but too detailed for here. You need to upload to I cloud and download to PC.

Google I tunes on the subject.

  AnnieChow 10:46 22 Jul 2016

I think you should use a ios data transfer program, iTunes is not helpful for data backup. When I want to save my contacts and important text messages from my iphone or the photos from my ipad to pc, I never rely on iTunes. But I suggest this guide for you, have a try.

  Julia Louise 08:11 28 Jul 2016

I transfer photos from iPad to PC with the help of file transfer app. You can also download an app to move photos to PC. I also found iTunes or my Windows built-in app not very convenient. BTW, I am using AirMore, it is a free and wireless file transfer app. You can try it or another app like it.

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