Move music from iPhone 4s to iphone 5s

  Govan1x 12:09 13 Apr 2018

Is there a way to move Music downloads from an iPhone 4s to an iPhone 5s without using iTunes.

iTunes does not recognise some of the music on my wife's iPhone as my Brother in law downloaded them from his account. He stays in the canary islands.

Is there an easy way of transferring them as she likes listening to the music while travelling.

Her iPhone 5s is all set up for use but without the music so is still using her old phone just now.

  Govan1x 15:32 13 Apr 2018

Had a good google and it looks as though there is ways of doing it but a bit complicated for me. Will get the grandson to see if he can fix it for me.

Will class as resolved unless someone knows an idiot way of doing it. I certainly do not want to loose the music she has saved.

  john bunyan 16:43 13 Apr 2018

One way, a bit tedious, is to burn about 15 -20 at a time to a CD- RW or R In audio format, then re- import them into I tunes. With a CD-RW you can delete and re use it.

  john bunyan 06:58 14 Apr 2018

Is the 5s in your wife’s name in Settings? Also , the 4s?

  Govan1x 14:08 14 Apr 2018

john bunyan

It gives my name on the iPone 5s on settings but no name shows on the other one. But if i open Settings. General. About it is my wife's name on both

  john bunyan 20:46 14 Apr 2018

The official name is the one at the top when you first open Settings . It says , under your name ,Apple ID,iTunes etc if you click on it the Apple ID etc is there to the right which you need to buy music etc

  Govan1x 21:04 14 Apr 2018

Thanks for the information mrcalif but it is a pay for program and there is free ones about I would rather go down the free route.

I think there is a free version of your choice but hesitant to use anything at the moment.

Will wait and see what my Grandson thinks. He is usually fairly good at figuring out what to do where as I am a bit of a Luddite where iPhones are concerned.

  Govan1x 21:14 14 Apr 2018

Sorry JB but there is no name on the iPhone 4s.There is on the iPhone5s

The wife is out at the moment so cant check anything.

  john bunyan 21:39 14 Apr 2018

If you change owners of an I phone you should sign out of “ Find my iPhone “ and do a factory reset. That does wipe everything so hope you find a way round it.

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