MiniDisplay Port Extension or Adapter?

  MouseSmiley 12:49 02 Oct 2018

Hi All,

Does anyone here know of an adapter or extension that will allow 1 Mini Display Port to become 2 Mini Display Ports?

I have looked previously and have been unable to find a solution. I only need 2 Mini Display Ports or Thunderbolt ports.

One for a Monitor and another for the Audio Interface.

Any advise regarding a solution is welcomed and much appreciated.

All the best,


  mgmcc 10:31 04 Oct 2018

Display Port doesn't support Audio, can you not use an alternative connection for the audio? HDMI supports Audio if a conventional sound cable isn't an option.

  MouseSmiley 13:33 19 Oct 2018

Hi mgmcc, Thank you for getting in touch. I am using a Macbook pro 2011, which has 1 Thunderbolt port. Ideally I need two Thunderbolt ports, one for A 'Focusrite Clarrett 8Pre' Audio interface and the other for a Tv/Monitor. Surely should be possible to have an extension or adapter? I think i have seen one online.

  mgmcc 15:32 19 Oct 2018

I have looked at Thunderbolt docks in the past (I use one to provide USB 3 with a MacMini that only has USB 2 ports) but they tend only to have two Thunderbolt ports - one to connect to the Mac and the second to connect a peripheral. Thus you are no further forward. Thunderbolt technology does support "daisychaining" but I think this means that your peripheral device needs to have two ports - a second one to connect to the next device in the chain.

A thunderbolt dock would give you an HDMI port for the video as well as a Thunderbolt port for your audio device. Would that resolve the problem? You could also get an HDMI to Display Port cable if necessary.

  MouseSmiley 14:51 22 Oct 2018

Thank you Mgmcc,

A thunderbolt dock would solve my quest. I was just hoping there was a cheaper solution as I have not seen one for under £100. I really appreciate you giving your time to help me with this. I think I will have to purchase a Thunderbolt dock at some point. All the best to you I hope others treat you with the same kindness.

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