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Migrating data on an upgraded MacBook Pro

  Machelpplease4me 14:09 05 Aug 2018


I have a MacBook Pro (A1278) which I've just had the RAM and memory upgraded on (swish swish zoom zoom lightening fast). The shop that did the upgrade installed the latest OS, and also Microsoft Office which I didn't have before. So I now have my old laptop wiped, formatted and empty – only with some extra software on which I don't want to lose.

Prior to the upgrade I backed up my stuttering MacBook Pro with Time Machine on an external hard-drive. So I'm now wondering the best way to get all my old data and settings and lovely background wallpaper onto my new formatted superfast computer, without losing the new software and the new OS.

Questions are: - If I just plug in the external hard-drive and enter Time Machine and click restore or whatever it suggests, will it literally just revert me back to my old setup, throwing out my shiny new Microsoft Office package in the process? - Or, I read briefly about something called Migration Assistant – is this what I need?

So to recap, the endpoint I want to get to is something that looks and feels and uses like my old laptop, but with the addition of the new software running on the new OS. How do I get here?

Many thanks in advance for any advice!

  bremner 14:44 05 Aug 2018

Migration Assistant will allow you to choose exactly what you want to transfer to the new machine from the Time Machine Backup.

Click Here for Apple's instructions

  Machelpplease4me 15:08 05 Aug 2018

@bremner hey, thanks for your response. I understand that I can choose exactly what I want and don't want to migrate at the incoming end, but my question is more whether that would replace what's currently on my laptop. ie. I basically want everything from my old laptop (currently on the external hard drive) plus the Microsoft Office package (currently on the laptop).

  bremner 16:07 05 Aug 2018

You can choose which files, programs, setting you want to ADD to your new installation.

  Machelpplease4me 14:11 06 Aug 2018

@Bremner Okay, thanks for this, though I think you're not really understanding my question.

Can anyone else help?

  bremner 18:11 06 Aug 2018

I perfectly understand that is why I emphasised ADD

You are in control with migration assailant. It only adds what you want to add, nothing on the laptop is removed or overwritten.

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