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Migrate iCloud storage to new account

  wanstronian 08:30 31 Jan 2020

When my daughter first got her hand-me-down iPhone, I set up an iCloud account under my email address, as she didn't have one.

Now I need that space back, to use for my own device. I don't want to share iCloud as she fills it up with TikTok videos.

She now has her own email address - how can I move all her stuff to her own iCloud and reclaim my own for myself?


  retrotech 23:49 02 Feb 2020

Have you tried reseting the phone?

  bremner 13:21 05 Feb 2020

You could using a computer simply download the data from your iCloud account and then upload it to hers.

Otherwise there are several programmes that manage such a transfer, I have not used any so cannot make any recommendation.

Google "move data from one iCloud account to another no another iCloud account"

  Jamie_Langer 13:27 09 Feb 2020

With the help of multcloud you can Transfer and Sync Files between Different Cloud Drives. This will ensure your DATA is stored safely.

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