mid 2009 macbook pro with no OS (i think)

  Richard Strange 13:09 18 Apr 2018

hi, i started with problems, corrupt hd i believe. i tried DU to repair but to no avail. said could not repair. then i went on to erase HD as i wanted a clean install of OS and wasn't bothered about losing any data on it. Erase seemed to work, but now completely stuck for a clean install. have tried several methods, got hold of a mountain lion dvd and the computer just spits it back out after 15-20 seconds. Brother then gave me el captain on usb stick, looked like it started to boot up but froze and did nothing. downloaded snow leopard and copied over el captain on usb but get error could not install OS x. totally stuck, fed up. used mainly for kids to watch movies. Please help, at my wits end. thanks

  mgmcc 16:07 18 Apr 2018

Do you by any chance have a Time Machine backup that you can restore the MacBook from?

  Richard Strange 17:34 18 Apr 2018

unfortunately not. what I'm after first is the answer to this question which seems to be halting my progress. as mentioned it is a mid 2009 macbook pro, so pretty old. Which OS x do you think i would need a copy of to perform a fresh install from a usb stick. From research, I've read that i would need the software that it originally came with which apparently was leopard 10.5.7. Is this true? if so i can try to get a copy of that and try that first to start to eliminate possible solutions

  HondaMan 17:55 18 Apr 2018

If you have Mac access to the internet via another computer, go to the App Store and download you MacOS from the purchased section and the instructions from here

Good luck.

1]: [click here

  Richard Strange 18:23 18 Apr 2018

seems to be nothing under purchased in app store. i guess because i inherited the computer from my brother some time ago. so any idea which OS x i would need to get a copy of that is guaranteed to work/install on the broken macbook (mid 2009)? as i asked earlier, is it true that i need a copy of the installation it shipped with which will be leopard?

  IE 10 Support 17:40 21 Apr 2018

I also face the same problem when I open Mac Support, I want to get an answer from this website so that I can fix my issue.

  mgmcc 21:56 21 Apr 2018

Versions of OSX up to Snow Leopard need to be installed from DVD, with later versions it should be possible to install the Mac's original OS over the internet. "Snow Leopard" can be bought from Apple here but you may need to contact them if you need "Leopard" or earlier.

  Richard Strange 00:17 26 Apr 2018

Finally fixed it

  Richard Strange 00:17 26 Apr 2018

Finally fixed it

  Richard Strange 00:19 26 Apr 2018

But thanks for not answering any of the questions I asked

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