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Microsoft Word 2016 file delete

  Thereferee21 21:02 25 Sep 2017

How can I delete files in Microsoft Word 2016.

  Forum Editor 22:26 25 Sep 2017

Presumably you mean saved files that were created in Word?

Just go to the folder you saved the file to. Then, click and drag it to the trash can at the end of the dock.

  Thereferee21 13:35 26 Sep 2017

Does not work.

  Pine Man 15:34 26 Sep 2017

Go to the folder where your Word files are stored. Highlight one of them and right click on it which should give you several options. One should be Move to Trash. Do you get this option?

Just a thought but are your Word files stored in iCloud Drive as well as on your Mac?

  BRYNIT 16:19 26 Sep 2017

Following Pine Man instructions should allow you to delete the file. Note: make sure you do not have the file open in Microsoft word when trying to delete it.

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