Microsoft Windows market share slashed by Apple

  Colin 13:24 02 Dec 2008

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A nice bit of The Sun type reporting. A drop of .84% could hardly be described as "slashed". And how is it monitored? By what browser 40,000 websites are being accessed by. Again, hardly a representative figure. At the moment I've got Firefox and IE7 open - what would that tell them? I've got no preference between any OS, but this type of reporting smacks of sensationalism. How about adding "plummeted" and "soaring" to the mix?

  laurie53 20:26 02 Dec 2008

Some papers would report a request for a second cup of tea as a desperate demand for a doubling of the meagre rations available!

  bremner 20:50 02 Dec 2008

I can see no sensationalism in the report. It simply states facts.

  Colin 21:02 02 Dec 2008

It does indeed state facts, but it's the manner in which the facts are stated that are sensationalist. Using the word slashed and saying "New low for Microsoft's OS as Mac gains" sounds as if Microsoft are on their uppers.

  bremner 22:18 02 Dec 2008

It was a new low for MS and Mac has gained so I just can't see your point.

Your suggestion that Microsoft is on its "uppers" is your reading of the article and something I do not see.

  Forum Editor 22:42 02 Dec 2008

that anyone at Microsoft is going to leap out of the window at the news, or that anyone at Apple is dancing a jig around the boardroom. There's a possible explanation for the 0.84% difference in that there were five weekends in November, and according to the company which did the survey The Windows share of the market usually drops at the weekend as more home users with Macs go online.

  al7478 00:30 03 Dec 2008

Why would'nt you also get more windows users online at teh weekend?

  Forum Editor 00:35 03 Dec 2008

Because tens of millions of corporate network users are off-line.

  laurie53 09:11 03 Dec 2008

There was also a major holiday in the US which also has the odd corporate user.

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