Microsoft scam phone call

  Amanda Mooney 11:19 31 May 2018

Hi my mum got a call from a so called Microsoft advisor she took the number and said she would get back to him I rang it for her and the line just cut off clearly a scam should I be concerned that I rang off my mobile? And it has online banking apps etc thanks

  Forum Editor 11:30 31 May 2018

"...should I be concerned that I rang off my mobile?


  Amanda Mooney 11:51 31 May 2018


  Forum Editor 12:14 31 May 2018

Nobody from Microsoft will ever call you by phone (Apart from anything else, they don't have your number). If anyone pretends to be calling from the company just ring off - don't bother to engage in any conversation whatsoever because it will be a phishing attempt.

  Jollyjohn 12:35 31 May 2018

I just told the guy I had a Mac and that set him off on a tirade that I was wasting his time.......I was still laughing as he hung up...

  Menzie 18:58 31 May 2018

These scam calls are getting out of control.

I and some people I know keep getting voicemails in Mandarin/ Cantonese from an automated system.

I also get a robotic voice saying something about an unpaid bill and failure to respond resulting in a warrant for my arrest.

So now I simply don't answer any call that isn't from someone in my phonebook.

  Amanda Mooney 22:14 31 May 2018

It is so wrong these scam calls and mum was v worried !!

  Forum Editor 11:00 02 Jun 2018

People will give you all kinds of advice, such as leaving the call connected and walking away for half an hour, or sending a loud whistle down the line, or stringing the caller along for a laugh.

That's all rather silly behaviour - the way to deal with these calls is simply to ring off without saying a word. They are made randomly, and your mother has no cause for concern.

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