MESH new machine

  HXP 23:33 02 Mar 2004

I have seen several posting asking about after sales support and the buying experience and having taken delivery of a MESH machine today I will pass on my experience.

AMD64 3.2 1gb ram 160 gb HDD Nvidia 5950 ultra dvd rom & sony multiformat DVD writer - no monitor as I was on a budget £1295 in total.

Machine arrived on the due date at 9 am so i was well pleased gave me the full day to get it installed. Worked out of the box and I had it connected to my home network in a couple of hours.

I tried to back up the drivers as none supplied on CD all on the HDD. Got device not ready errors - tried Sony,Mitsubishi,HP & finally unbranded CDR's all failed.

Rang tech support and was answered after 10 mins - they ran through the type of media I was using. Tech desk put me on hold ( must have asked a colleague ) and advised a firmware update was needed. I was a bit disappointed as machine only 4 hrs old but patch mailed to me.

Installed and CDR burnt ok.

Then tried to back up my photo's to DVD and machine locked up. Tried to read DVD that had failed and lockup again. I haven't got different media to try so will nip out tomorrow to buy 1 different DVD

Shame having probs as it was a good start with the early delivery and should I be loading updates on a 4 hour old machine.

I will ring tech support tomorrow and keep you advised although I can't hang around too long as I have to get back to work. If it's fixed tomorrow fine otherwise I will be disappointed. I also think calls to Tech support on delvery day should be Free why should I pay for a not my fault issue ?

  Diodorus Siculus 07:58 03 Mar 2004

Certainly seems a little unfair to need a firmware update on a new machine. Who would have been responsible had it gone wrong?

Good point too about paying for calls on the first day. Some vendors have a local rate number for, say, the first 30 days before other pricing kicks in.

Good luck with the DVD problems.

  Sir Radfordin 08:02 03 Mar 2004

It's an intersting problem, you are right you wouldn't expect to have to patch a brand new machine but it isn't that uncommon. Have read several reports of people having to update the firmware on routers and other similar items as soon as they buy them. One problem is that the drives are built, problems are then found, and they can't be resolved at source. It could well be that it is only in certain circumstances that the firmware patch Mesh have now supplied is needed.

DVD Writer technology does still seem to require some work to get it to always work so you may find a different disc solves that problem. Though it if doesn't then Mesh should be more than helpful getting it resolved!

I recently bought a laptop for someone and had forgotten about the MSBlaster virus. Within 5 minutes of having it connected to the Net it was infected and shutting itself down. I believed that patch should have been put on by the shop but there we go.

Can't excuse Mesh for what has happened, but at the same time I see little point in anyone else moaning about their experience with Mesh. No doubt Davey will be at work soon and will offer some advice.

Hope you get it sorted and enjoy the new PC.

  anchor 08:55 03 Mar 2004

Try contacting Davey at Mesh on

[email protected]

Give all your details, and refer by a link to this posting.

  Rigga 09:08 03 Mar 2004

I'm expecting my new Mesh (similar spec) to arrive on 10th March, so it's interesting reading that I may have some issues out of the box..

I guess it's a little too much to ask that Mesh take the time to install firmware updates for the supplied hardware (especially if they know the update is needed) before it leaves the factory/shop!

Although if they don't install them it's a nice little earner for the support lines!! -- or am I just being a little bit cynical?

I have no experience with the support of Mesh, and the main reason I choose a Mesh machine was the praise for them within this forum, and of course, Davey's presence helped ease any fears of unhelpful support... Just goes to show the power of a good forum!

Anyway.. Hope it all goes well HXP.. and I'll let you all know how I get on when my PC arrives..


  MESH Support 09:21 03 Mar 2004

I'm sorry to hear that you are having these problems.

If you could email me as suggested at [email protected] including your serial/order number and screen name(HXP) I will look into this further for you.

I note that your time is limited today. If you read this before your call to support, let me know what time you are available today (and on what number) and I will arrange any necessary contact around those times.


Mesh Support

  anchor 09:50 03 Mar 2004

Bravo Davey!; what a shame other companies do not respond so promptly.

Hopefully, HXP`s problem will soon be resolved.

  Rigga 10:00 03 Mar 2004

Agree with anchor, well done Davey!!

I knew it was the correct decision to go for the Mesh Machine!! (See above post)..

And Davey.. Sorry about the cynicism :-)


  byfordr 10:26 03 Mar 2004

Getting more and more impressed with Mesh by the day! Good to see they have addressed their short comings, and are taking a proactive approach to customer service. Keep it up!

  aramis 10:38 03 Mar 2004

I think Mesh are taking a very proactive approach to customer service.Last week I received a customer satisfaction questionnaire from them and was more than happy to complete and to return it to them. Based on my 7 months ownership of a Mesh pc I have no complaints.

  spuds 11:09 03 Mar 2004

First rate to Davey again, and the prompt response.Lets hope that HXP soon as the problems solved.

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