Memory Usage in Mac Os 10.9

  Wasim Wani 16:48 11 Feb 2018

I own a mac book pro (late 2012 model 2.5 Ghz Processor with Intel Core i5 ,4GB RAM.) running Mac OS 10.9 . The issue i face right now is that memory usage shoots to almost 3.9 GB and system becomes very sluggish. I checked the activity monitor but can't figure out which app is causing spike in memory usage, except for chrome which obviously is memory eater. Of late my macbook has also starting making slight CPU noise when it was very silent earlier. Following is url of snapshot for my activity monitor Activity Monitor Snapshot

  Wasim Wani 16:51 11 Feb 2018

Here is the actual URL click here

  Wasim Wani 16:54 11 Feb 2018

Here is second snapshot Snapshot

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