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Memory Pressure caused by memory leak (I take it)

  Kestion 06:06 20 Feb 2020

Hi all!
[ MacOS 10.12.6 Sierra. ]
I am having problems with Memory Pressure (showing in Activity Monitor); I take it that I have a memory leak happening somewhere.
Originally, I thought my problems were caused by the Chrome extension “SideWise” — which is for hibernating tabs. If the machine crashes, it gets horribly confused. I have restarted since deactivating SideWise, and I have closed almost all of my (very many) open windows/tabs, so I am thinking that that is not the cause of my current problem. (I am progressing towards creating an entirely new Profile in Chrome, but I am not there yet.)
[The following is recent, and is new(s) to me.] The most recent event was when I was in Trash, trying to Delete Immediately a movie file (= package). There was a problem deleting the file… and a problem stopping the deletion. I left the Trash window with a spinning lines thinggy for the QuickLook image of the movie file/folder. After a while, my machine got sluggish.
Parenthetically, the usual symptom that it has all gone wrong is that I can not launch additional applications… so I had Activity Monitor already running.
I have 16GB of RAM, and the memory pressure was (visually) at about 95%. The QuickLook process was using 13 or 14GB. I Force Quitted it, and the Memory Pressure went back to normal. (I still could not launch new applications, and had to reboot.)
I get this problem such that I have to reboot every 2 or 3 days. It is plausible that it is always QuickLook, or QuickLook on EyeTV; I am still working it out.
(Incidentally, I am having small odd problems with EyeTV, apparently related to Preferences; but it is not apparent that that is related.)
I am hoping that someone out there knows about problems around an intersection of • memory pressure and • not being able to launch new applications (or that there is a known memory leak with QuickLook (possibly &EyeTV) ). (I thought that, once I had Force Quitted the QuickLook process, I would be able to launch new applications.)
Any help would be appreciated, please/thank you.

  Kestion 09:33 09 Mar 2020

WIP answer to my own question: .

It seems that Chrome is unstable, caused by the Extension SideWise [which is an otherwise brilliant extension for hibernating windows]… which in turn I think can not handle a crash with any Incognito windows open… or maybe just a crash. Particularly, I was trying to work out what — if anything — is wrong with Chrome, and it crashes when I try to create a new user.

It seems that there is a separate problem with a memory leak — QuickLook (in the Finder) can not handle an EyeTV file [which is actually a package, which is just a folder] where it can not find the thumbnail. (Incidentally, I have tried logging a support call with Geniatech and they are ignoring me.)

  Kestion 09:35 09 Mar 2020

Noone said that the above is The Answer.

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